Engineers Day :September 15,2014 * Engineers Day is Celebrated in India on September 15 every year to remember birthday of ancient engineer Visvesvaraya...

Engineers Day 2014 : Celebrations in India??

Engineering Community in India is celebrating Engineers Day on every 15th September..Now at 2014 number of Engineers rising in various Engineering branches are very high.. Even Engineers number in India grow its sad to say that Engineers doesn't have much knowledge about this day.

The Engineering Community across India is celebrating Engineers Day every year. If we ask the date of celebrations to Engineering students they may kill them by asking…Engineers Day, what?. we don’t hear etc.etc. We cant find any fault in these Engineering students behavior. Becuase a most percentage of colleges never celebrate this occasion. So talented students are unaware of these celebrations. Engineers' Day is celebrated on 15 September every year. The day is the birthday of Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvarayya, an eminent Indian engineer (from College Of Engg., Pune(COEP)) and statesman born in Muddenahalli-Kanivenarayanapura in present day Karnataka. He served as the chief engineer during construction of Krishna Raja Sagara on the Kaveri River near Mysore. He also built many dams in the Bombay presidency (present day Maharashtra). The dams built by him are still functional even today, a testimony to his brilliance, skill, honesty and dedication. So 15 September, Engineer's Day 2014, is quite a remarkable tribute to the greatest Indian Engineer Bharat Ratna M. Visvesvarayya.

To commemorate the birthday of Bharat Ratna Sir M Visvesvaraya, many events takes place in India every year. National level organizations like The Instituitions of Engineers (India) conduct meets and events on this occasion. Considering global awarenes on climate change and realizing Engineers' role in economic development and environmental responsibility, IEI is dedicating this  years Engineer's Day to "Frugal Engineering – Achieving More with Fewer Resources"

Now lakhs of Engineering graduates coming out every year from various parts of the country. Colleges should celebrate this day with seminars about past to present scenario in Indian Engineering. Engineers Day should be a day in which all zested minds in Engineering sector should be treated with zealous by the authorities. Other ways this day will be disapper from history as time passes. 

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